Self Employed Business Institute
Self-Employed Assessment

At the Self-Employed Business Institute, we've found most business problems can be solved by discovering and closing a gap the business owner doesn’t see.

Take this short quiz to discover the biggest hidden gap that’s keeping you from having a thriving, self-employed business you love. You’ll also get a few laser-focused insights to help you start closing that gap.

1. How similar is the reality of self-employment to the vision you had of it before you began?
2. How often does being self-employed feel like a rollercoaster?
3. How often do you feel discouraged?
4. How often do you feel like you have all the pieces but you’re not breaking through to the next level?
5. Do you feel like you’ve had some good years, some great years, some not so great years and sometimes wish it was like it used to be?
6. How often do you feel confident in what you offer but you're not getting the results you want?